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Teriyaki Quinoa Bowl

What’s Inside: Teriyaki tossed Quinoa, Roasted Broccoli, Gochujang Edamame, Shaved Carrot, Yum Yum Sauce

Why we love it: An ode to our college days of quick grab hibachi bowls loaded with all the sauces. But now that we’ve graduated, we can make some better choices with the freshest produce and premium nutrition. Think of this dish as having a Ph.D. in flavor dynamics.

Vegan (Without Sauce), Gluten Free

*Nutrition Fact Images Do Not Include Protein Information. Protein Nutritional Facts Can Be Found Below.

** For “No Protein Option” Nutrition Facts, multiply by 1.5.

Rosemary Chicken
Regular: Cal: 160, Fat: 7.2g, Pro: 22g
Medium: Cal: 240, Fat: 10.8g, Pro: 33g
Large: Cal: 320, Fat: 14.4g, Pro: 44g

Regular: Cal: 136, Fat: 3g, Pro: 26g
Medium: Cal: 204, Fat: 4.5g, Pro: 38g
Large: Cal: 272, Fat: 6g, Pro: 52g

Ground Beef (80-90%)
Regular: Cal: 224, Fat: 16g, Pro: 19g
Medium: Cal: 336, Fat: 24g, Pro: 29g
Large: Cal: 448, Fat: 32g, Pro: 38g

Regular: Cal: 142, Fat: 8g, Pro: 18g
Medium: Cal: 213, Fat: 12g, Pro: 27g
Large: Cal: 284, Fat: 16g, Pro: 36g

Regular: Cal: 197, Fat: 12g, Pro: 18g
Medium: Cal: 296, Fat: 18g, Pro: 24g
Large: Cal: 394, Fat: 24g, Pro: 36g

Regular: Cal: 135, Fat: 8g, Pro: 17g
Medium: Cal: 203, Fat: 14g, Pro: 25g
Large: Cal: 270, Fat: 16g, Pro: 34g
Nutrition Facts (%) - percentage of daily value
Serving size
0oz (0g)
0 servings per container
Per Serving
Total fat
Total carbohydrate
All Ingredients
To find out product pricing and availability, check to see if we are in your area.
To find out product pricing and availability, check to see if we are in your area.

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